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I enjoy boutique and luxury hotels. I also make it a priority to see the land, by tasting the food, researching popular attractions and taking day trips.

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It is not just about the food. I like to take in the ambience, chat with the staff, and appreciate the presentation of the food. Of course, I want my food to taste delicious.

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I would love to become a sommelier before I die (bucket list item)! In the meantime, I will go to as many wine tastings as humanly possible and discover different grapes. I also plan to travel to as many wine regions as I can. I've been to Napa and Sonoma a few times. I must make it to Oregon to taste the Pinots. I enjoy learning how to pair wine with food to bring out the taste of both the food and the wine.

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Since 1993

About Me

I am a psychiatrist by day and a travel diva by night/vacationing. I am a top contributor on TripAdvisor in my area (traveldiva95). I decided to start a blog for a more personalized forum to exchange ideas and experiences while on our voyages.

As the traveling shrink, I want to reflect on my adventures, both domestic and international. This blog is less about me being an "expert" of travel and more about expanding my view of the world.

Traveling, dining and wine are my happy places. Globe-trotting brings me peace, allows me to meditate and reset. Let's explore the world together!

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