How I fell in love with food tours…..

I always research things to do prior to taking a trip. I try to have several things booked prior to arrival. We booked a trip to Miami for my birthday in May 2015. I came across a walking food tour and I’m so glad we were able to experience it!

My husband and I did the South Beach Tour des Forks Food Tour in May 2015. We had a great time with Farouk!!! He was very informative with the local cuisines. He was also very informative about the history of Miami, the architecture, the people and the various streets. Our tour was small and only included another couple and our tour guide. It was nice to have a small group and have time to ask lots of questions and be able to hear our guide.

Our first stop was at Café at Books & Books, the ceviche, roasted corn and guacamole were very tasty!! We sat at small tables and enjoyed the items family style (we all ate from one large plate).

The next stop was Abuela’s Cuban Kitchen. Our guide ordered items from the group from the window and we enjoyed our items standing. We had a pastry with cream cheese and guava, very rich but good. We also had Cuban coffee which was sweet and strong.

Our third stop was a Peruvian spot called Chalan On the beach where we had a beef dish and ceviche. Here, we sat and enjoyed the food as well. We were escorted to tables in the back of the restaurant and served large servings. At this point, I was starting to feel full, lol.

Our fourth stop was a Brazilian spot called Boteco; we had a refreshing cashew juice and coxinha (Brazilian chicken croquettes). We sat outside in front of the restaurant. It was located on a quant side street. The outside seating had a nice balance of sun and shade. We actually returned to the Brazilian restaurant the same night and had a nice dinner!

The last spot was an ice cream parlor called The Frieze Ice Cream Factory, I had the guava cheesecake which was very good. I’d definitely return to do one of their other tours the next time I visit Miami!!! The only change I’d recommend is not having two servings of ceviche (although they were at two different restaurants). It’d be nice to try another type of food.

It was great to try foods from different cultures (Cuban, Peruvian, and Brazilian). We also covered a lot of ground on this walking tour, at least 2-3 miles. It was a casual saunter but it helped to digest our food and not leave us stuffed!

This experience made me want to enjoy food tours on every trip! I’ve learned after several other food tours, not all food tours are created equally. This food tour is still one of my favorites! It sets the standard for the others!

Please share if you’ve experienced an amazing food tour!!! I’d love to check them out!

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